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Thread: brand new carpc setup with multiple problems.

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    brand new carpc setup with multiple problems.

    So I finally decided to buy a new computer setup for my car. I've been running a sort of ghetto rigged system for a year or so, and i finally decided to buy all new parts and wire everything nice and clean. but the computer is having so many problems. I set up and installed windows and everything worked flawlessly. Then on my first test drive, the hard drive stopped responding and whenever i restarted the comp. it would tell me there was no boot drive(it still recognized the hd in the bios) So i waited and came back out and 10 minutes later it started up fine. Worked for a few hours then i went to turn it on and nothing happend(the fans on the motherboard spun up, but it just never turned on. Then it randomly started working again. Then after a while i got an error when i started it up saying missing or corupt hal.dll I cannot get this one to go away, now i've tried reinstalling windows and it keeps giving me errors and i cant fix this thing. Im sooo angry because i finally decided to spend a good amount of money on this thing and its giving me more problems than before. AHHHH! my setup is an m2, via c7, kingston ram, toshiba 100g 2.5 hd, ampie case. I suspect maybe the hard drive or the mobo is bad. Can anybody help? Thanks -
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    Connect your HDD to a desktop PC and see if it can read the disk. If there are no problems then your carPC's IDE controller has gone bad. Otherwise it's your disk. If it's your disk check for bad sectors to see if it's time for a disk replacement or whether a reformat might make sense.
    Board not starting can be anything from bad wiring to bad PSU, RAM, or CPU.

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    that might be a power issue to the HDD as well cross.
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