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Thread: Fm idea

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    Talking Fm idea

    ok after looking a little into integrating an fm radio with control and ability to rec into my pc i got an idea to use the aux input plugin for winamp and plug a portable Fm/am radio with stations busting it open an wiring it to my pc line in, the control for up down, srtations in mem, with my other controls, going to the line input and then i control it with the control on the radio, wiring to my cars antena and if i whant to record i use a windows macro to start and pres rec on a wav recording program for later mp3 and titleing
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    I had a similar idea about this as well!! I wanted to try to integrate the tuner into my system. Here's an Idea on how to do it..

    You need a radio that has soft band select and preset buttons.

    You can wire up switches to signal your computer and your radio.. your computer could recieve the information on a parallel cable (there are schematics out there for how to make an 8 button control) and signal some software that you are changing bands to display what band you are listening to (am/fm) your preset buttons can send a signal that would change the station on the radio and the software on your computer could interperet it and display the current station.

    I'm not very smart at wiring this sort of thing but I'm fairly certain it can be done.

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