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Thread: Critique my system, please!!

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    Critique my system, please!!

    Hey folks, great forum. My wife says I spend too much time on it and not enough on porn.

    Anyway, I am trying for a high Sound Quality setup with my Carputer for DIVX, MP3, OBDII/Tuning, and GPS. It is going into a 2004 Corvette Z06.

    Optical audio output from the HU and CarPC (via Roadie) will go to an Alpine PXA-H701 for surround processing and volume control. Most EQ and crossover functions (with presets for Stereo, 5.1, one person listening, two person listening) will be handled by daisy-chained Zapco DC Reference amps with a dash mounted control panel (USB accessible too).

    I am concerned about equipment placement for noise, especially with the Carnetix PSU and CarPC? The HU will actually be a foot away from the LCD screen, so screen noise should not be a factor.

    I am also concerned about my USB use. I have 2 outside ports and 3 on board. I want to use one USB hub for the PSU monitor and other occasional peripherals (keyboard, Zapco access, etc.), and keep another four occupied. Can this PC handle that? Any issues with accessing the three on board USBs?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    everything looks great on paper, it always does.....

    Best of luck to make that happen without any major speedbumps
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    sounds great...

    Im also thinking of using the dc series of zapco amps. Do you know that you can control the DSP setting from the carpc on your touch screen. The display they use on the screen might be a bit tight for finger use but ok with a mouse.

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