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Thread: good quality rca cables

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    Quote Originally Posted by hari-bhari View Post
    yes, i just might. hell i might even post in the gps section for high quality usb cables. any problems?
    Actually, yes.
    It's pointless and creates excessive threads.
    It would make more sense to post one thread asking about high-quality cables of various types.

    This is one time that a cute little smiley to indicate that you're all light-hearted about it does not help.

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    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIGItonium View Post
    Make your own using 2-conductor shielded cable and gold plated connectors. You'll need soldering tools as well.
    Where to get the wire & connectors cheap? I wanted to use rg6 coax but it will be too thick.
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