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Thread: Vehicle Wiring Database!!!

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    Vehicle Wiring Database!!!

    Hopefully this will get a sticky.....

    I have been looking all over the net at various sites and forums to find out what all my wires are on my Navigator and well, check this site out.....

    Go to,

    and then

    on the left type this Password:


    Then fill out your vehicle information and Enjoy!

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    Great find! Doesn't have my car though (2006 Passat)

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    You can get a lot of info on too, but a good site nonetheless.

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    Works great for me, thanks!

    I suggest you to take the password out from the first post, put it in a TXT file instead, and attach it with the post.

    That way, non-members, and possibly that website's admins won't hold anything against you.
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    DEI has a site too for installing alarms/remote starters and such. I have the password from when I used to work at Tweeter, but I don't know if that's right or not. Not sure if dealers pay for that sort of thing.
    the site is

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