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Thread: Potiential carputer-in-a-can?

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    Potiential carputer-in-a-can?

    5" screen, 3G data, touchscreen, 8Gb hard disk, Windows Mobile, USB host (for more data). What more could you want from a carputer? Oh, they may be making a 7 inch version too.

    And yes yes, I know it's against all self build principles


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    awesome, I have been thinking of ways to use my 8525 (hermes) as my carpc, sending the video out to my larger screen in the car. This would work better then the 8525...
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    A 7" version? For a phone? Soon we will just hold laptops to out face! Although my HTC Blue Angel comes close to that!

    Looks good, but small HD. At least the good looking GPS programs will work on it.
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