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Thread: Lilliput EBY701 Problems

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    Lilliput EBY701 Problems

    I can't seem to find the right resolution. By default it is set to some really high resolution (1280xsomething) where you can't read anything, so when you shrink down the resolution to how it supposed to be (800x480), not everything fits in the screen. I hit the menu button on the lilliput and it doesn't show the resolution on the screen as the resolution the computer is sending it. How do I set it to a true 800x480 resolution?
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    My 701 lilli displays the resolution that you set in windows, if you do't know how to do that, well ........

    800x600 seems to work fine bu tthat's the size of my skin. 800x480 is native to the 701 I believe. Use powerstrip if your graphics chip is capable of producing 800x480.

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    sell to me

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