Hi all,

Ive made the decission to ditch the existing laptop system in my car and go with a mini/nano itx system. I want the system to fit into the existing space where the cd loaded/nav cpu goes.

The space would best fit a max case size 230mm wide x 180mm deep x 80mm high. I have found three cases which would fit well.




The Morex and Serener cases support a Nano-Itx board and the Travla uses the Mini-Itx board.

My favourite is the Morex 1677, this comes with an internal dc-dc 80watt power board. (not sure if it will accept a fluctuating 12v source tho?) I suppose i will have to change this psu anyway if i go for a more advanced ignition controlled psu. This case only accepts a nano itx board. Most of the nano boards ive seen are clocked at 1ghz and use different chipsets.

Do I need to worry about hardware compatibility for programms like road runner?