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Thread: psx controller hack to ps2 dvd ir remote

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    Lightbulb psx controller hack to ps2 dvd ir remote

    off the top idea i had and was sure someone else had tried it anyway... ive read some threads about peoples using psx controller to parallel port... i was walkin threw a wallyworld(aka walmart) and saw the ps2 dvd remote and ir receiver... now is it able to be done... and anyone gots it working since it was only 19.99 at wallyworld
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    i work in a store that sells them i've ben asking my self that question alot ...
    but i think it wont work because the remote has tooo much butoons. anywhays it has more then the controller

    Ir receiver from nyko has 17 buttons
    and for the drivers you use for the ps controller to the parallel port wont recordnize them all. also the ir port has a controller input meaning it probably cant controll a game
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    There is a psx->usb adapter that I have been using to play my emus on my computer.

    If you can't find one locally I can get one for you.
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