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Thread: Aaeon MiniPCI USB Card - Crash on startup

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    Aaeon MiniPCI USB Card - Crash on startup

    Hi y'all,
    Just taken delivery of Aaeon USB MiniPCI Module in order to give my old laptop USB 2 features, as discussed here.

    I was unsure if the module requires an extrenal 5v DC supply to operate or not, and I tried with both.

    The laptop is running Windows XP professional, SP2.

    Anyway, it boots up fine, but about 10 seconds into the desktop, the thing crashes. This does not happen if I remove the card.

    DOes anyone have any ideas?

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    I have same problem with that device. I bought a PER-C20U-A10 too but after logging on to Windows XP the OS freezes.
    I did a little soldering an provided an extra 5V power supply but there was no change. Did you manage to get it to work?

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