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Thread: Long RCA vs Long USB

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    Long RCA vs Long USB

    Ok which do you guys think is the better option?

    A) Mount DAC Near headunit. Short RCA run into headunit. Longer USB Run back to CarPC (within USB Spec)

    B) Mount DAC At CarPC. Short USB run. Longer RCA Run to headunit.

    Cant decide which way would be better to go. After the headunit im going to run a line driver. But that doesnt help the signal get to the headunit.

    My concern with USB is if i would be introducing more jitter on a long run?


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    This thread would probably answer all your concerns: audio over USB v. optical
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    Depends on the signal volatge coming out of the DAC. If its low, then I would use a longer USB to avoid noise, if it's higher, than I would go with a longer RCA to probably reduce jitter.

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    Well the DAC is a silverstone. Which from what i've found puts out 1V.. So unless i can bump up the pre outs i should go with long USB im guessing?

    I did read that massive thread but didnt see too much specific to my choice. Alot on the USB jitter topic though but i couldnt find if it was increased with longer cable runs still within USB spec.

    EDIT: After some more reading.. The input AUX on my Headunit wont accept over 1V anyways. So is there any point in trying to boost the output of the DAC?

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