I did some reading and took my time to put it on paper and ease of looking at and figure out what I have and what I want.

I have the following already:
1. GPS / USB Garmin v2
2. GPS Software - GPS Gate 2.0 To Virtual Duplicate Signal for NetStumbler
or use iGuidance and Streets & Trips @ the same time
3. T-Mobile Sierra Wireless - Cellular Internet Card PCMCIA Card ($30/mo.)
4. 500w amp/voltage from cigarette lighter to 2 outlets.
5. Several 60, 80, and 40 gig. HDs.
6. 16 Channel 4 real time 120 fps cctv Video DVR Card
7. DVDRW Drive and CDRW+DVD

I do not think I will get to use all of them but I am very comfortable working
on computers and *any* software or O/Ses from Linux/Unix to Windowz.

What I need:
x. Computer Case
x. Good MotherBoard
x. 1 Gig Ram
x. Good Sound Card
x. 1 In-Dash or regular touchscreen 7" screen. -- I can pull out
the old radio and glue this one in place.
x. Enough USB Ports for Wifi, and GPS unit + one left or over for up-front use.
x. One PCMCIA for my Sierra Wireless.
x. Need AM/FM plugin for the computer.

As you can see on the picture the print-screen of the *kit* that's listed
might not have everything I need and wanted to find out if buying piece by
piece is a way to go vs combined/system kit.

I also noticed on some sites that you build the system and it comes to about
$1,000.00 and if you google individual items I can save upwards of about $300 dollars.

Thank you for any inputs, suggestions, sites to buy and what not,
you may PM me privately or reply here.