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Thread: Any suggestions before I buy this?

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    Any suggestions before I buy this?

    SolidLogic C134 Automotive Mini-ITX System
    - Mainboard: EPIA M10000 1GHz
    - Case: Casetronic C134 Mini-ITX Case - Black
    - Memory: DDR266/333/400 Ultra Low Profile RAM 512MB
    - Hard Disk/Flash: 2.5" Samsung 5400rpm 120GB
    - CD/DVD Drive: TEAC Slimline CD-ROM (CD-224E)
    - Power Supply: 160 Watt M2-ATX Intelligent Automotive Power Supply
    - Operating System: None
    - Build and test: None
    - Removed Items: Original DC Converter and A/C adapter
    - If CD Drive: CD to IDE Adapter, IDE Cable, CD Audio Cable
    - If HDD: HD Converter

    If I have XP it shouldn't be a problem installing it on this right?

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    Nope, no problem. I hope you aren't paying too much for that. Since they aren't building or testing it then you might as well buy the components individually because it might be cheaper. Might want to check it out.
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    It would be $588 from them. What site would be good to buy them individually? Also do you think the processor speed is good enough to cover any of the apps I would throw at it? Of course im talking in terms of carputer programs not like photoshop and ish!

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    really depends on what you want to do with it. There's lots of peopl running an M10K-based system. But if you want to use it for sound-processing or other kind of havy use, you're not gonna cope with it.
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    If you had a budget of let's say $600-700 because the other 300$ would go for the screen. What would your parts and accessories including mobo you would get?

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