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Thread: Best method for wiring up 7" Lilliput

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    Best method for wiring up 7" Lilliput

    What is the best method for wiring up the lilliput in the car? The the wires from the A/C adapter and wire it to the power distribution block? What fuses should I put in line for it?

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    The Lilliput should come with an egg-shaped regulator. Wire that up to an ignition-controlled line. a 1A fuse is more than enough to protect the lilliput, considering it draws < 1A.

    Another option is to power it from your PC's power supply. Tap a HDD molex (YELLOW WIRE!) for that.
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    I did what Darque said and it worked perfectly. If you are confused which wire would be pos/neg on the power wire for the Lilliput take a look at the fuse that is on there. There will be a small + and - where the wires go into the small fuse "box".

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