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Thread: EPIA manual...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zobgel View Post
    yeah im serious i appreciate you guy's help and i know that the best thing to do is SEARCH but im just to lazy
    Hi Zobgel,

    I urge you to take the advice of these CarPC gurus. They know what they're talking about, because they have been there and done that. And also, just like you now, all were newbie's at one point, and each has gained their knowledge through continued research, discussion and trial and error. Their warnings about the "potential" complexities of a CarPC are not to be sneezed at - you'll only have to read these forums for 2 weeks to realize that.

    To give you an idea, personally I've built a great many new PC's for friends and family over the years. You'd think I'm more than qualified to build/install a CarPC ? Not exactly. It's only after 8 months of reading and researching these forums that I'm prepared to commence my own project.

    I'm certainly not trying to put you off your project, but rather I'll urge you to take your time and do your research.

    All the best.



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    Wouldn't hurt to get a shop manual for your car too. Or even a Haynes / Chilton manual.

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    Hayes manual is trash, except maybe for the wiring diagrams in the back.

    Zobgel did his PC by himself, he and I worked on mine together with SLS2000. Unfortunately I'm running into hibernation problems myself.
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