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Thread: USB HDTV Tuner

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    USB HDTV Tuner

    I am looking for a good USB HDTV tuner. I just bought a the pinnacle PCTV tuner and I have to say I am not that impressed. It works great with it's own software, but I am wanting something that is compatible with other software as well. I am trying to setup an HTPC with a media center interface. I might use road runner and a custom skin but I need to better tuner. Must be HD and USB as well.
    Any ideas?
    I did a lot of searcing on ebay and google but I am really looking for user experiences not just a cheap price. I want a good piece of hardware.
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    Are you trying to set this up in the car? It's pretty much been proven that HDTV (Digital) signals don't work well in a moving car, so it's mostly a moot point.

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