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Thread: noob with a few Q's

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    noob with a few Q's

    How else do you set up a carputer other then touch screen? and what is involved in making touch screen? It seems to me (cause I'm dumb) that there are kits to make any LCD a touch screen.

    If you make a box, and put it in the trunk... are there problems with wires being too long. Like lag or you just cant find wires that long

    Does all the bouncing injure the hard drive? And how do you prevent that?

    Does killing power everytime you turn off the car injure it? And if you hook it up to stay on all the time, doesnt it drain the battery?

    My friend and I combined know enough about computers to where we think we can pull this off... but... I imagine we'll have tons of questions... so I'll be back with more!

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    wire length usually will not be a problem

    hard drives are pretty tough


    try to use search function for any questions first

    good luck!



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