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Thread: Smart 2.5 HDD Enclosure "Shuts down drive on Impact"!

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    Smart 2.5 HDD Enclosure "Shuts down drive on Impact"!

    Via Engadget

    Hard disk enclosures are dime-a-dozen these days. However few deliver the shock protection found in the new Century CSB25U2 or "Vibrating Bad" disk enclosure. This USB 2.0 enclosure features a silicon sleeve to protect the disk from drops with a motion sensor bonus to shut down the drive in case of sudden vibration or fall. Sorry, it won't accept SATA drives, this pup only accepts your old 2.5-inch PATA disks. Still, not bad for 2,980 or about $26.
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    May cause problems

    My IBM laptop has a feature that detects abrupt vibration and impacts and parks the heads when it notices them. Unfortunately, this also happens all the time, even though the computer is supposed to recognize and ignore consistent motion. This has the effect of causing the OS to freeze and the music to skip until the car has ceased its motion .

    Needless to say, I had to shut this protective feature off to make the setup usable. I also want to point out that this occurs on relatively smooth roads in a stock Civic, so it is not a result from driving over rough terrain. I also assume that the drive will die sooner, rather than later, but at least my computer works...

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