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Thread: any problems with random reboots?

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    Post any problems with random reboots?

    Anyone having problems with random reboots? When my car would hit a large bump the PC would reboot. I think its cause the tv out module on my video card was jiggling around. Anyway I went to walmart and got a $5 hot glue gun and glued all the cards down, the tv out card on the vid card, the HD cables, and the memory. Its been working good today with no random reboots even after driving over some bumps that would ALWAYS make it reboot. I also added a towel underneath for padding a feed weeks ago that helped out a little.
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    That might do it. Make sure EVERYTHING it tightened. Also ur HD/MEMORY can cause ur pc to reboot too. Infact take a close look at your ram/memory module and make sure it is tight. I recall my first box doing just what ur box is doing. Turned out it was the damn PCChip MB i had the memory socket was loose. So i used a cable to type the memory. Never had any problems from that point on.
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