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Thread: problem with remote and IRMan

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    problem with remote and IRMan

    my system in my car has ran great up to this point. all of a sudden winamp gives that message "unable to initialize infrared device, check com port blah blah blah". i check all connections and try again. no luck, try the other com port, no luck. reinstall the infrared plugin. its somethin like GenIR. still no luck. played around with settings then all of a sudden it works again.. but now, either it wont take new remote settings or its not working right. i go to configure it and press the button for next track, and it does recieve the signal and accepts it. however, when i get back out to the main winamp window, that button dont work.. all the numbers, fast forward, play stop still works.. just now my volume up/down and my next/previous track dont work. I dont think its the remote since when i push the button the remote config program does get the signal and accepts it.

    any ideas or anyone know of a newer GenIR version? i dont want to switch to another IR program as this one has been working wonderfully the last 2 years..


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    yeah i wish they would update irman with a usb version of some sort...its the only winamp plugin/remote that works well for direct track access
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