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Thread: Help! ground issue...i think

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    Help! ground issue...i think

    Ok ive had for a few months now my cr pc running of a 400w ac converter.
    THe other day when i started the car the converter burned up and it popped my postive fuse.
    Now i put a new converter in <same model> but if i plug in my pc power cable with the ground on it it wont power up.
    But if i remove the ground from the pwer plug it works.

    system has:
    *postive power block and a negative power block.
    *30amp relay that turns the converter on and off with key
    *400w ac converter
    *1.7ghz mini pc power supply is only 130watt

    The ground distrubion block is still solid because my car amps run off of it fine.
    I also replaced the relay and it still doesnt work.

    10 acura TL tech
    10 BMW S1000RR

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    have you tried to ground the inverter seperatly from the negative power block? or have you tried to run the inverter off a different power supply such as the positive on the battery or the cigeratte lighter if that model of inverter has that plug.

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