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Thread: Relocating CD/DVD Drive on Laptop?

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    Relocating CD/DVD Drive on Laptop?

    I looked through the forums and didn't find anything on this...either that or I wasn't searching for the right thing :-/

    I've had a laptop running as my carputer for a few months now and everything's been fine and dandy aside from a few things that still need to be looked into. One of the biggest pains, however, is the difficulty I have in changing a disc (whether it be cd or dvd) in my carputer...being that I have to physically get out of my car, go to the passenger side, manage to maneuver my laptop out of the little niche I've created for it under the passenger seat and pop open the cd/dvd drive so I put a disc in it. I'm just wondering if it is possible and how hard it would be to remove the optical drive from the laptop altogether and relocate it to a different part of my vehicle. I'm very savvy with desktop computer hardware but not so much with laptop hardware. This being said, I have no clue what kind of cable connects the optical drive to the mobo. Would relocating the drive elsewhere simply require an extension of this particular cable? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Look for a USB enclosure for a slim drive...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    hrmm...i looked on ebay for that just now...all I see are slim enclosures for hard drives. would that work for a cd/dvd drive as well? I was also hoping not to have to go with USB being that all my usb ports are taken already and things start to get weird on me when I plug in a hub with the whole windows not recognizing devices when resuming from hibernation...i've been trying to fix that issue as well through the forums but haven't gotten much of a chance to dwelve too deep into that

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    I looked for this too a while back (search for posts by me and you will find it) and no the connection for the HDD and the optical drives are no the same.

    You can find adapters that will let you plug in your slim drive to regular ide cables (, but there is nothing that I could find that goes the other way (i.e. nothing that you can hook up to your laptop to extend a cable out).

    There are plenty of enclosures out there, search for "slim" or "laptop" enclosures ( One thing to remember though is that USB is only supposed to supply 500mA of power, and most of the drives are 1A-2A so you will need to run power as well. I dont have any experience with them, but some of the enclosures come with a battery that charges over the USB when the drive is not in use, then provides supplemental power when necessary.

    You might also look through my old posts about devcon and the usb hub issue.

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    thats exactly what i am doing. I took a 2.5 slot load dvd drive. Attached the ide adapter to it that came with my mini-itx board. plugged it into a usb to ide adapter from a usb enclosure for an old hd.
    It works. I gutted the cd player out of my headunit and i installed inside the headunit. Unfortunately I had to turn the dvd player upside down i have not had time to test the stabillity of itin the car. My next problem is the software i use is mobile impact. There is no eject button in the software. i have looked in to a couple options like cdeject.exe but my next goal is to solder 2 small wires from the eject button the headunits eject button.
    here is the adapter i was talking about for the laptop cd player.
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    I bought a Slim CD/DVD to USB converter board here:

    And the extra USB power lead:

    However, you can get a decent enclosure for less:

    $6.50 for a limited time, usually $15.00.. still cheap.

    Also shop around on that site, they have lots of screws and parts..

    They even have the special 2mm screws that are used on slim CD/DVD drives.

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    just a stupid suggestion.
    why not take the slimline cd/dvd player out of your laptop, buy one of the slim to ide/usb converters from the mp3car online shop, buy yourself either a ide-usb adaptop if your using ide, and or just a long usb cable.
    connect all these, and mount the cd/dvd player somewhere inside the car??

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