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Thread: Epia CN13000 - 800x480 working!!!

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    Ever find the one for the M1000, if it even exists??

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    There is one for the M10k, do a search.


    So does this one for the CN13000 only support 60Hz as well?
    Because on some screens (like my K301) it still does scaling when frequency is set to 60Hz... i.e. not native

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    Quote Originally Posted by kftqq View Post
    I just used the 'Show all modes' under display properties.
    Were abouts is that. Is that a bios thing or is that in the S3 stuff. Please help as 1024x768 sucks when you are in the car.

    I was able to flash the mother board and i can see all sorts of new resolutions but i can't go lower then 800x600 and i can't do that resolution because lilliput monitors suck, and somehow something burned out and it can't see that resolution.
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    It worked with mine CN10000

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    How does 800*480 work on CN1000? Could u pls detail?:

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    I'll try this BIOS with my CN10000 and hope lucky to success!

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