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Thread: Just a few questions regarding GPS...

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    Just a few questions regarding GPS...

    Anyway, Im due a mobile phone upgrade at the end of this month and I've seen this...

    Now, my question is: Could I get that and connect it to my Carputer and use its built in GPS and Wifi capabilities?

    It would be useful if it works as I wouldnt have to then purchase a seperate GPS and Wifi dongles.

    Any help?


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    link does not work buddy

    Looking for a phone?
    We're sorry, but the phone you selected does not exist on the O2 shop.

    You may wish to check the address or choose from the links below, which we hope will help you find what you're looking for:

    Home page
    O2 Shop Index
    '08 VW Rabbit S 2.5

    Carputer Progress:
    Design:[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 100%
    Installation:[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 80%

    In trouble...

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    He's talking about this one:

    The answer: not without considerable effort

    It's a Winmobile device with built-in GPS and WiFi. In theory you could try to install GpsGate on the phone & PC and have the GPS serial port forwarded via WiFi UDP. This is assuming that the GPS is exposed as a serial port and not via some proprietary interface. I don't know how reliable GpsGate is in network situations..

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