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Thread: Via Epia Questions - need multiple serials, ps/2 ports, USB

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    Via Epia Questions - need multiple serials, ps/2 ports, USB

    I have a Via Epia C3 800 - it has 1 serial, 2 USB. Here is my problems:

    1. I need my PS/2 mouse port to power my Rand McNally GPS as well as run a mouse - are their splitters available? Will the laptop-style KB/mouse splitters work?

    2. I need two serials - will any USB to serial work (I am running WinXP) or should I be looking for a particular brand?

    3. Anybody ever figure out the USB expansion - I went to the Via forums and see that the question has been asked there, but no answers given - thanks.

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    Does the ps2 port adapter for the gps not have a pass through for the mouse? It should.. if not you may want to use a usb device.

    I'm using a belkin usb/parallel/serial hub and it works like a charm for that extra serial port and powered usb
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    I have the USB expansion pins. I would be willing to get you the plug plus inserts for the connector (I ordered extra from Digikey) and the wiring schematic for $5 or for $10 over the cost of a 2 port expansion deal, I can crimp the connectors on and ship it to you.

    Lemme know.

    I believe if you go to you should see the wiring schematic though.
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