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Thread: Selecting Power Input, Dual Battery with a Voltmeter

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    Selecting Power Input, Dual Battery with a Voltmeter

    Im looking to install my voltmeter back in my car. But now that I have dual batteries I would like to be able to select which the meter is measuring. So that I could easily make sure the alt is giving me the 14.4, and waht the rear is reading at any given moment.
    So what im driving at is the need to be able to select my power input. I thought I would be able to use a 5 pin relay and work it out, but it seems I am unable too.
    Any thoughts?
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    Use a DPDT -Center off toggle switch. wire the meter to the middle and one battery to one of the other posts, the other battery to the other post. then one on pos. will be battery1, the other pos. battery no.2
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