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Do what I do when people blow up the PCB on drives.
Find another that's the same and swap the PCB's.

If it's a 3.5" IBM Deskstar (Deathstar), I'm sure you can find plenty of dead ones on ebay. Seeing it's common they fail.
Perhaps you can find one with a good PSB for a few bucks...

That is if the data is that important.

I had to save someone else from that two weeks ago...

I had a deskstar die on me. Everytime i tried to run scan disk or played a certain level in quake 3, it froze the system and started grinding really bad. not just like scratching, but lound and obnoxius grinding. It was horrible. IBM didnt make much fuss about replacing it. I sent it to them with a sticky on the that read "Totally F****d"