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Thread: which prebuilt would you buy?

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    I would buy neither. I would much rather build my own. Saves me money most of the time.

    However, if I absolutely had to choose between those two systems, I'd choose the second one. It lists the exact components that are used for everything, including the PSU. The first one only lists an 80wPSU, but no indication of what that PSU make/model is.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    thanks for the input. How much do you think I can save over option 2 if I were to buy the same parts and build it myself?

    If it's only maybe 50-100bucks I'd rather buy it prebuilt. For me, time is money and I think there will still be a lot to do, such as wiring, mounting LCD, carputer, bug fixing, software bug fixing, etc..

    oh yeah, I think the PSU on the 1st one is a morex.

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