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Thread: User help to design MP3 car CD radios

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    I think if you could build a headunit in a standard size (DIN) that would have the following criteria it would be successful.

    Uses CD-RW or DVD-RW Disks. About the playlist comment earlier, that is a great idea, maybe on the CD-RW you could save a winamp playlist file or similar to categorize the music or use different directories. If it had 3 sets of preouts Front, Rear, and Sub that would be a BIG Plus. The Device must have a AM/FM radio for people to want to buy it. Using the Cd's as your storage device would make it easy to work as a regular cd player as well. One feature that I would really like is an IR Remote. Selectable Green/RED backlit would be great. For the display, It would be great to display the Group, Album and the song title. Display of time of the track would be cool. Having RDS (Radio Data System) on the FM would be cool as well.

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    Everything others are saying, but if possible even make a rack for a regular HD in it (if theres room inside.. if components arent too big ya know..). then people can just buy the thing itself, put their own HD in it, and save a ton of $.. I think thats empegs problem, fixed space. Also a USB connection for external HD like they said (hey, every car should have 40+gigs of music space). And ya must support CDR/CDRW.. DVD wouldnt be much plus i think, but could be.. The 3 sets of outs would be a major plus. front rear and sub would help alot.. Also how about a universal infrared sensor (instead of only being restricted to the companies remote, how about let everyone use companies or their own and program its buttons? save alot of headache if someone could go buy a $10 remote instead of waiting months on a factory list only to pay $50 for a remote control..
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    My dream MP3 stereo system

    Customization would be a must. I'd love to see somekind of module upgrades: You buy a CD/MP3 player, later on you decide to upgrade it with a HD, maybe even a GPS navigation module. That way, you can have exactlly what you want! You wouldn't have to pay for what you don't want, need or afford at the moment, without having to change the whole system to get something else. You can buy a head unit, not the nice ultimate ones, the cheap ones, if you want to add a CD changer, you'll need to change the head unit because it doesn't support it. I know big car audio companies have something alike trough bus systems, but each time something new comes out, you still need to at least buy a new adaptor for every new thing... Try to think like USB! Software should be updatable or upgradable.

    Easy quick navigation would be a most (I still use my keyboard to navigate better trough my CarPC's files, but I'm sure there should be better ways). Playlists are helpful, but what about when you want to find an specific song? I hate having to navigate trough a lot of files... I like Winamp's "j" function, just press it and start writing the name of the song and it will display all the songs that have those words in it's title's. Sure a keyboard is not the better choice while driving, but maybe a speech recognition system would work ok (it would be a cool module).

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