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Thread: Best car/brand for putting a carputer in?

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    Best car/brand for putting a carputer in?

    Hey everybody, for awhile I had a really old crappy car and I didn't want to put a carputer in it because of security issues, but now I'm upgrading and a carputer is something I'm going to be thinking about when looking for a car. What do you think is the best small car (sudan or hatchback) or car maker from about 2000-2005, as far as space, easy to put a carputer in, and maybe features?

    Kind of a general question, but I think you guys know what I'm trying to ask.


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    Why don't you tell us where to get the best hot wings?

    "BEST" is subjective. Frankly, any car can have a PC installed in it with relative ease, particularly with newer hardware like the Infill G4.
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    The best small car is one you like and one you can afford.

    Seriously, you have to chose the car according to your own needs and wants. Any car can fit a carputer, you just might have to be a bit more creative depending on space issues.



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    Well, actually a Ferrari F40, Lambo Diablo, McClaren, Ford GT, Saleen S7, ... are the best to put carPC in. Would you take my words for it?
    Otherwise, just like what vfinterceptor said.
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    I hope your not going to choose the car mostly of how easy it would be to install a carputer. Any car will probably be able to fit a carpc, you just have to be creative. I think the lack in standards will make installing a carpc in any car tricky, but fun.There is no definitive answer on how you do it. The pc itself, you will probably just secure it in the trunk. The screen, however, might be a bit tricky. If you want to mount it flush in the dash, then probably a car with a double DIN would work best. Some people have actually put their whole carpcs into their double DINs completely.

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    Well the store carries easy premade bezels for a bmw, infinity, and a subaru.

    So if you really want to base a car around it, then there you go.

    Or if you are loaded, go with the T3 or G4.
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    Anything with double dins helps.

    For me i prefer volvo v70 classics, one din for the slide out touchscreen and the radio underneath. No need to cut up anything and plenty of room in the pannels in the trunk to hide away your computer.

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