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Thread: Sirius not working right.

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    Sirius not working right.

    I have a mac mini running bootcamp. I have the sir alp with mitch's interface. However when I plug it into the line in spot on my mac mini I can't hear anything. I know the tuner is transmitting sound, because I bought a splitter for the rca cables that go to my headunit, and I can hear the radio that way. However, the sound is extremely faint, and there is alot of noise. What am I doing wrong? I have adjusted the line in volume to max, and still nothing? Is there anything I am overlooking? Thanks

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    You installed both drivers?

    And how are you trying to tune it? RoadRunner?
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    Yes I installed both drivers. I am using the demo available from the site.

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    Do you think an external sound card would do the trick? I plugged headphones into the tuner and it sounded halfway decent. I don't think the splitter will work because of all of the noise I am hearing through it. If a new soundcard would do the trick would someone please suggest one that will work well. Thank you.

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