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Thread: wiring question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanh View Post
    I couldn't get the Waytek link to work.

    There are a number of different types of single fuse holders with wire pigtails. I'd probably go with one that uses the same type of fuses you have in your car just to be consistent. I also personally like the blade types better than the glass fuses, but I don't know of a real problem either way. The blade fuses have ratings a bit easier to read and don't have the exposed fuse terminals like the glass ones do which is an advantage.

    They have some fuse blocks with 4 or more fuse positions that would be handy if you ever add something to the same circuit. Those work well because you can just put a crimp terminal on the end of your existing wires and connect directly to the block which makes the transition from larger to smaller a bit neater than having to splice wires together.

    You've got battery - fuse - wire - distribution block - fuse - 8ga wire - possibly another fuse - 18 ga wire. Just curious what else is on the 8ga wire besides the power supply you're connecting now? If nothing else is, you could just size the fuse at your distribution block for the current the computer needs and be done with it. Of course, if you've got other things hooked to it then I just wasted your time.

    Like I said in the earlier e-mail, if you've got really good protection on your short 18ga wire, you might get away without another fuse, but to do that you'd want to make darn sure you're not going to accidentally cause a short circuit.
    heres a diagram of the power supply...

    on a side note, does the Lilliput have to be grounded? Keep in mind, ill be splicing the cig lighter plug, keeping the buldge thing, and going straight to the fused dist block. Does it have to be fused? it has the regulator.
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