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Thread: Installing computer to integrate with stock touchscreen monitor

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    Installing computer to integrate with stock touchscreen monitor

    Hey all,

    I'm new to these forums. Very nice site you have here.

    I tried doing a search, and found a match, but it is way more complicated than i wanted it to be.

    I was wondering if i were to stick a normal computer, if there was a way to integrate it with my stock touch screen monitor. I have a 05 TSX with navi.

    Basically, i want to just be able to press the AUX button or something to get the computer to show up on the monitor. (ill be running windows)

    Any suggestions, tips, or guidance is a appreciated.


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    Someone here has rewired the touchscreen in a tsx to work that way.

    Its not EASy and remember the stock screen is not HIGH resolution.
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    Check the show off forum. Someone actually did what you wants with the TL or TSX (forgot). It involved hardware, software, and some nerve breaking .
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