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Thread: Relocating a/c vents/controls and such...

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    Cool Jeep Grand Cherokee lcd install kit

    Unfortunately it's not an OEM product but rather an aftermarket item that is only for overseas Grand Cherokees. I've tried looking for this all over the net with no success. After emailing the seller on Ebay, the largest lcd this installation kit will fit is a 6.8" (like mine). Installation is very easy with a dremel. The lid even comes wrapped in leather to match your interior color.

    Even though it'll be $250 shipped it will still be worth the investment! It's super clean looking and can easily be stowed away out of sight of passers-by. I would like to order it now but I need to replace my tires first. I've got a 2k GrandCherokee w/36k miles on it.

    Not sure if you've heard of it but check out some time. Very cool installations and tips. The forums there are a great source for information. Here's another excellent site that has breakdowns on the GrandCherokee: When we both get done w/our JeePc's we need to meet up some time and show off our installs!

    Good luck! Can't wait to see how your installation goes.

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    Yeah, I've been corresponding with him via email as well. He says he can do custom fab work. The guy did a 5 PC concept vehicle for british telecom to show them the advantages of mobile computing.

    and thanks for the links I'm going to go check them out now.

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    Thanks for the links! Guess what, I did a search on google for "Fiberglassing Tutorial" and Arby's page was the first result:
    Josh Karger
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    Re: Relocating a/c vents/controls and such...

    I know what you're going through man. I have the same problem with my Tacoma. So far Ive relocated the radio where the pocket is (super cake took 5 minutes, ok 10 minutes tops) then I relocated the AC control down to where the factory radio location was (not as easy, took 2 hours) then I recontructed the air vents out of cardboard, ABS, duct tape (5 hours) then I went to junk yard to find super slim vents that also looked decent. I end up with 85 Corolla vents (hey gotta keep it Toyota) I recontructed an ABS plate to relocate the vents down where the original AC control was(4 hours). The original location for the vents and the cup holder is where my touch Xenarc will be. Once my replacement screen gets here I'll have to fiberglass the bezel so it'll look close to factory. Im mounting the DVD/CDRW drive where the ash tray was. Unfortunately my scanner took a dump on me so I dont have pictures :-(

    Originally posted by ddt
    Okay I just bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    After driving around in my old SUV for about a year with a laptop on a jottodesk, I've decided to get my own carputer underway.

    Im my car (suv whatever) I don't have room to put an in dash LCD (or preferably touchscreen) display in unless, you guessed it, custom fabrication work. This will entail remodeling the dash which consists of (top to bottom) the haed unit for the stereo, a/c vents, a/c controls, and finally an ashtray. I have ideas on WHERE to move the controls, but I'm looking for ideas on what to do with the vents? I suppose I could have someone custom fabricate some new ductwork for the vents and move them to the top, but the thing that is going to get me is all of the custom work to the plastic panel. I don't see how I could get around building a new one.

    Okay so my questions... finally.

    What's the best method for constructing a new panel so I may mount a display in it? I was thinking about buying the panel off of a junked/wrecked one and trying my hand at fiberglass molding (I don;t even know what you call it). Does this seem like a viable option?

    How about the ductwork? Has anyone ever done this when relocating the vents? What did you use?

    How about just general suggestions for AC control locations? I was thinking about sticking them in the center console on a plate of some sort (haven't thought too much about what I will actually need to mount them).?

    Any suggestions for a newbie undertaking a project such as this?

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    about the A/C controls, this may be ghetto, but build the console over the existing ones, and by using ur computer, use like a stepper motor to move the knobs. does anyone know if you can tell the stepper which position to go to rather than tell it to move 5 steps to the left. i've thought about doing it, just a lot of work.

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    I have a question, are the A/C controls all electrical? Meaning they can be removed by unplugging the harness int he back? If so here is the plan for my 2000 WJ. I will be rerouting the vents through the bottom console and placing them where the pop out cupholders come out. That way i free up more more dash space and give some better cooling and heat to the back seat. I am debating on what monitor to get as I want the largest screen possible without looking terrible. Whatever screen I get has to be just under 10" wide. I will move the ac controls down if i have to or i will trim the excess plastic on them to make the screen fit. Then I will glass and bondo a new bezel and it will look factory. The whole vacuum line thing just seems stupid to me. A fan blows air through ducting to a vent. Move the vent and the ducting the air still gets there, its just might not be as strong when it gets there. Where does the vacuum lines come in?

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