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Thread: JUST RELEASED: Microsoft Surface

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    Smile JUST RELEASED: Microsoft Surface

    Microsoft presents Surface in this site.

    This reminds me of Jeff Han from TED about a year ago:

    Finally, imagine having a touchscreen LIKE THAT in our rides!
    (obviously on a smaller scale)

    Discuss away...
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    Thats pretty ******* cool I would love to have that in my house... not so much my car, I know I would stop watching the road to play with that
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    Its the same thing Intel and BMW demoed last year.... not new as such - just re branded....


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    Seems like they did a pretty good job of extending the concept well beyond the Jeff Han concept. Not just rebranded anything.

    After all, apple didn't invent the mouse, GUI, or the iPod - but they seem to do pretty well making those technologies a lot more useful and accessible to the average person.

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