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Thread: HVAC Controls

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    HVAC Controls

    Ive had this thought running through my head for a while but I dont have the knowledge to figure out what I would have to do to make it work.

    Ive got a Scion tC and I want to get rid of the hvac controls inthe lower section of the dash. Ive thought about just moving them to maybe the glovebox, or into the center console somehow. Thats not reall what I want to do. Ive had the chance to play with one of the Toyota Prius "control centers" and the computer that they have built in does everything that the ones we make do, but they have the ability to control the ac system inside the car.

    Ive pulled apart my dash and looked at the controls for the hvac and its just a circuit board with a wirepack that runs to the hvac system.

    Could my computer be setup with some custom script to use the rs-232 port to control the ac system? or is there a better way that this could be done?

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    Now that I posted the thread and look back at it, this might not be such a good idea. Maybe I should just relocate the gear.

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    under hardware section look up the fusion brain
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