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Thread: S-ATA problems with Jetway 7F2

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    S-ATA problems with Jetway 7F2

    I am having problems getting my Jetway 1GZ mini ITX (512mb ram)to boot from S-ata drives. Has anyone else had this problem? I have used Norton Ghost 9.0 to load the sata drive and it will boot a normal ATA drive with the same load. I have even tested with another ATA and it boots fine with the ghost install. My Bios are set for SATA but I haven't updated the bios, could that be the problem? (I have no floppy drive installed and I would need it for the bios update)
    Can anyone assist?

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    I've just had a 2 day battle with this on an Asus board!

    Only way I could make it install was to have all IDE & SATA enabled in bios, boot to SATA first, but pull the power lead from the IDE drive... Install winxp, after graphical setup were PC reboots, pull the power, reconnect the IDE drive, and let it continue.

    Otherwise it always installs to the IDE and won't boot the SATA, gives a HAL.DLL error.

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    in ur bios settings....there should be an option to treat your sata drive as an ide..or something similar (don't quote me on this)..but this is what resolved the issue for me.

    the other solution is to disable all of your ide could try that. i've heard of this working too

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    on my mobo, there is an option to set SATA instead of IDE, or as a seperate controller.

    Only way I could get windows to install and then still work with or without the IDE harddrive was to do it as I said above.

    Enable all IDE & SATA channels.

    First boot USB
    Second boot SATA
    Third boot IDE
    Fully connect the SATA
    But only connect the IDE cable of the IDE drive, not the power lead.

    Install windows XP onto the SATA drive... BUT - when windows gets to the point of its first setup re-boot, switch the PC off as it POSTS. Then connect the IDE drives power lead and switch the PC back on.

    It should now boot up, recognise the IDE drive, and carry on with the graphical phase of install, and both drives work

    If I do anything different than the above, when I remove the old IDE drive, I get Hal.dll corrupt or missing error on reboot.

    This seems only way round it!

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