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Thread: UPDATE: Average Member Age

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    Nov 2006
    Everett, WA
    I'm 34, live in the Seattle area, and work in software usability.

    I started my CarPC project last fall after dreaming for several years about how to get my mp3s in the car without buying an expensive (and clunky) cd-based unit or having a laptop sitting on my passenger seat. I'm very happy with my solution (and the help I've received on this forum). Oh and my kids are enthralled to be able to watch Curious George in the car.

    I never ask for handouts and try not to bore my friends with the technical aspects of carpcs (I usually fail).

    I'm into computers, FPS gaming, sailing, pool, music, and my kids.

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    Apr 2007
    on Earth
    i cant believe this thing is still going...and now 12 posts strong...WTF!!!
    Trouble deciding on car speakers? Clicky Clicky
    Speakers: DLS Ultimate Iridium 6.3 Link
    Subwoofer: removed
    Amplifier#1 (Front Stage): DLS Ultimate A4
    Amplifier#2 (Sub) removed
    Carputer: Removed for tablet install

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    Quote Originally Posted by rijndael View Post
    i cant believe this thing is still going...and now 12 posts strong...WTF!!!
    You say Why, I say why not....
    I'm 19.
    Carputer Progress
    [||||||||||] 100%
    Finally Installed!!
    Everything is in the car and working.
    I painted the cilpboard mount and it looks good.
    Shutdown/Startup is working excellent!
    View My Progress Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxMIKExx View Post
    I'm 16 and I work at McDonalds
    Yea... think I got that from the X's in your nick.

    15, 16 in August, high school student studying computer science and soon to be placed for Structured Workplace Learning within the school's theatre for further work experience with Audio and Lighting to go towards my university entrance next year into Audio Engineering.

    - Currently working at a local IGA supermarket.

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