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Thread: UPDATE: Average Member Age

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    UPDATE: Average Member Age

    There have been a number of threads where Mp3car members have posted their age over the past few years including:

    Average Member Age?
    Okay, More Fun ...

    I am sure that many of you are curious and want to get to know your fellow members like myself. So please post your age and occupation and maybe a little note about yourself and we can make an updated list....I'll start:

    I'm 16 and I work at McDonalds I dont personally know many people my age who have such an interst in computers as I do and when I got my license in March all I wanted to do was put a computer in I did

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    <stand> name is Dan...

    Im 14 years old...

    Been sober for 28 weeks.

    nice to meet you all. </stand>
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    you want my age physically or mentally?
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    The Florida Meets Thread

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    Hi, I'm 33 years old from Sardinia Island. I'm working in R&D sector of a local software house.
    I've started my carpc project in december, 2006 and not ended yet! I spent some month on building my personal monitor and dvd "shell" so now it's about ready to paint. I'll post some pics of the work when finished.

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    Old enough to know better and young enough to not care.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    hello all.
    i am 22.
    i am a student. (Civil Engineering Major for those who care)
    i also work full time to fund my habit. (carputers of course)
    i mostly do civil design. i.e. land development (mostly subdivisions).
    i also do IT and AutoCAD support (i help people twice my age figure out how use AutoCAD and office 2003) we're kinda small so three of use have to keep the place running. between computers, autocad, and survey equipment, its a handfull. but i wouldn't have it any other way.

    i am almost ready to start my carputer project. i have all my planning done, i just need to allocate the funding. so if any one is intrested in donating to my fund please feel free. i think you can write it off for your taxes.

    just because it is funny.

    Planning [XXXXXXXXX-] - 90%

    Building [XX--------] - 20%

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    I'm 25 and I'm from Newfoundland. But I studied in Nova Scotia. But I live in Alberta. But I work in Atlanta. Does that make sense? I'm a System Analyst / Software Developer.

    EDIT - damn, I turned 26 last month, don't even know how old I am anymore.
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    Sydney, Australia
    21 years old
    Boilermaker by trade

    I like computers, mmo gaming, carputers, rally driving, fiberglassing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JpLelko
    i help people twice my age figure out how use AutoCAD and office 2003

    Quote Originally Posted by JpLelko
    i am almost ready to start my carputer project. i have all my planning done, i just need to allocate the funding. so if any one is intrested in donating to my fund please feel free
    I am 40, and even though I have not figured out how to work Acad, or Office 2003, at least I could figure out how to make money to fund my own Carputer project


    40 years old
    DCS System Specialist/Technical Manager
    Metso automation - Australia

    Fast cars, computers, sport, reading
    F6 Tornado Project Log ; HP Blackbird Watercooled Server

    Beta Tester for Centrafuse and 3dConnexion (No business affiliation with either)

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    im 23...i think. im a 12 volt installer @ circuit $hitty. and i still havent figured out how to pay my rent much less fund any addictions

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