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Thread: PC is not going into hibernation! HELP PLEASE!!

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    PC is not going into hibernation! HELP PLEASE!!

    Ok, my carputer is not going into hibernation via ignition off with the p1900 ACPI wires.


    EPIA VIA M10000
    Carnetix p1900
    Travla c138 case

    • ALL Power settings in Windows is set to HIBERNATION (it is enabled and power buton is set to HIBERNATION)
    • PC does going into hibernation if I manually push the power button my pc or my extended power button (which is connected to the ACPI wires)
    • There is a short upon Ignition off via ACPI wires. I tested this by turning the PC off while the engine was still on and p1900 was still on. then i turned off ignition and PC was triggered on via the ACPI wires.

    Anyone have any ideas? Can it be BIOS related??

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    You're probably correct--I'd guess it's a BIOS problem. You need to make sure that ACPI is enabled and that hibernate or standby is enabled.

    For mine, it has been under the Power tab. Also, try changing it in the BIOS that when it receives the power button signal to enter hibernate.

    If those don't work, find your mobo's manual online somewhere and link it or write down the options in your BIOS and post em here.

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    ok, thanks.

    Il do that.

    But whats weird is when i push the button manually it does hibernate. I only doesnt go into hibernation if the p1900 simulated the push of a button. But the thing is, it turns on fine no problems with it turning on (via p1900 simulation of push button) or when i push it manually. Also, its not like there is no signal from the p1900 when the igntion turns off because if pc is off itll turn on so that means there the p1900 is working the way it should and sending a signal during igntiion and when ignition is off.

    this whole thing doesnt make sense to me...

    i did change 1 thing in the bios though before this happened and this was the option where if ther pc looses power itll turn back on and you are given a choise to turn the option off, on or watver happened previously or something.

    i turned this option from whatever happened prevoiusly to off because it kept making my pc start up whenever it got power (ie: plugging in the DC power)

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