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Thread: Wreck due to carpc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiG K View Post
    Funny you say that because today I was driving around and there was this big lorry who started to reverse onto my road directly into my path!! (T junction) If I would have slammed on my brakes, then approx 7 tonnes of steel would have slammed into my 1.2tonne car! Luckily I was in second gear, so I put my foot down. The turbo spooled up instantly and I was in hyperspeed JUST narrowly avoiding the lorry!

    It is not only HOW much attention you pay but knowing how to get out of hairy situations!

    Over here in the UK, we have an AWESOME (sarcastic) driving test! We actually have two driving tests. The first part of the test is a multiple choice questionnaire.....think who want's to be a millionaire but more like who want's to drive lol After 30 stupid questions which a 5 year old can answer, we move onto the "hazard perception" area. What this supposedly does is test if we can identify a hazard and see how long it takes us to "react" to a hazard. So far, it sounds quite good this hazard perception doesn't it? Well no, it isnt, because essentially what you do, is watch a clip on a computer screen, when you see a hazard, you click the mouse button! The quicker you "react" the better the score. You watch approx ten or fifteen clips.
    First of all, everybody can identify a hazard, its not at all that difficult.......sheep in the middle of the road........ya think i should slow down??
    Secondly, its not when you react but how you react, you simply cannot click a mouse when you see a hazard in real life, so why should it be any different in the test?
    haha yeah, im on my learners but ive been in a situation where i had to floor it to evade an accident, mums like "wtf was that for, why not brake?" and i had to explain it, then she eventually agree'd with me lol.

    similar test over here lol. hazard perception is to get P's, yet theres 2 phases of learners lol. in this state atleast, lol every state is different.

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    I feel like no one would admit it. We have a our pride here at being great multitaskers..

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    lol true.

    im ok at multi-tasking, but when im driving, i wouldnt even try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breaker021 View Post
    i dont know how you can drive a manual trans and use a car pc. i would get so ******* tired of all the arm movements. and im not lazy!@#
    I think it makes things easier because my hand is always on the shifter right in front of the screen. So my finger is always there to click NEXT SONG or NEW DESTINATION or something.

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