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Thread: Wreck due to carpc?

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    Wreck due to carpc?

    Just wondering if anyone has wrecked or had a "close one" due to messing/watching their carpc.

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    Haha, I tell all my friends that if i die in a wreck, they can assume I was playing with my carputer.

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    It's not really that small...No, seriously. judoGTI's Avatar
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    Thats why I practice at home with pc driving games and winamp.
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    LOL - hahahaha... never a wreck or anything but im "pretty safe" - well, i'm as cautious as you can be while using a computer while driving.

    i only use my computer if: im at a red light, if im on a highway straightaway and there are no cars immediately around me, etc. whenever im punching in directions, i always pull over or stop, etc. i never punch in an address while typing lol. i know, im overly cautious, but i'd rather be safe than sorry, bishes!

    i dont know how you can drive a manual trans and use a car pc. i would get so ******* tired of all the arm movements. and im not lazy!@#
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    Quote Originally Posted by breaker021 View Post
    i dont know how you can drive a manual trans and use a car pc. i would get so ******* tired of all the arm movements. and im not lazy!@#
    its not as hard as you think... however, driving, shifting, typing, and changing the song on the screen makes me go over the yellow line just a little bit.
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    well updating my myspace profile while dialing phoco is a bit hard but other han that no.. but honestly i was pulled over once for swerving @ like 2AM but i wasnt drunk just screwing with the gps. cop had me walk the line just to be sure then let me go with an out of date inspection ticket
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    First off let me start by saying i try not to use my carpc while moving. i wait till stop signs or stop lights. or if i have to useing while moving i wait till there is no one around that i could run into. But there was one time when my girlfriend was with me and she could not figure out how to do something on it and i was trying to explain it but she did not get it, so i reached over and did it for her real fast and the next thing i know i hit the gravel on the side of the road. no biggy i just drive right back out and kept on crusing but my girlfriend FREAKS. she starts yelling at me about it and now when ever she is in the car i am not alowd to do anything with it.

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    wait.. u guys actually use them while driving? **** that lol.

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    I was on a long trip the other day and didn't know the city that we were heading in to. Well near there I stopped for gas so the PC went into hibernate for a little bit when I shut the car off. I get back in, PC resumes and when I switch to nav it couldn't find the GPS. So I was troubleshooting Windows XP in the Device Manager at 60MPH. Not once did I swerve and my passenger was never concerned. Hooray for peripheral vision.

    I did almost hit a pole while leaving the park the other day though, but I was changing songs while avoiding an idiot on a bike that thought one way didn't apply to him.
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