Just wanted to start my first post by saying hello to everyone. I have been lurking in these forums for months, but I just now registered.

I recently bought the vehicle I have been coveting since 2005, and although I have been considering a carPC even before, in my old car I didn't have the room I needed to accomplish my goal; in my new car, I do!

Its almost endless and overwhelming the amount of info, and what you can do with a carPC. Its crazy!

I'm sure I will add to my list, but currently I only have 2 personal goals for my carPC:

1) Complete In-Dash solution and full replacement of my factory radio. Features must inclue AM/FM (I work in broadcast and have to have a car radio), and in Dash CD player; FM RDBS would be *most* helpful, but not an absolute necessity. FM eXtra would really be nice, but not many people are even aware of its existance.
2) Internet radio<---This was my sole purpose of wanting a PC in the car. Work provides me with a Verizon EVDO PCMCIA card with unlimited access, so this will be integrated in my carPC (which means I am pretty much set on a VIA EPIA MII12000 mobo).

I have tons of questions, but working with electronics and computers all my life most of them are vehicle specific, which kind of leads me to my suggestion:

I imagine there are quite a few users in the same boat as myself: Either have the knowledge or can find the answers by searching when it comes to general hardware/fabrication/etc, but finding vehichle specific info is kind of a pain.

Although it would make the forums large (wouldn't consume any additional webspace though), I was wondering if it might be easier to have a section for vehicle specific info/questions/threads. It could be broken down something like this:

|_Crown Vic
|_Monte Carlo


Maybe its too much work, but just a thought...

Anyway, hello again everyone!