I bought and INNOVATEK IN-4301DTM, The Music, Radio, Disk, dvd works fine.
But I have 2 real problems.

1.- USB: If I connect my USB storage, the Display shows DVD and never detect any MP3 into the memory, the same if I connect my ZUNE (the CD with mp3 files are great).

2.- RDS and NTSC: I'm using that system in Tijuana (Near San Diego USA) and the most of FM station are using RDS (Radio Data System) to send information as Song Name, Artist, Station name, etc. But the INNOVATEK IN-4301DTM has a SW to put USA or Europe. If I put in USA, I can't to get that RDS information and If I put the SW into Europe I can get the RDS, but now I can't get the NTSC tv system (USA use NTSC and Europe PAL)

Anybody has an Idea?

Thanks for your help