Yes, that's the GPS I got and am pretty happy with it. Note I did need to put it on the roof to get the best performance. I tried having it in my dash, which worked somewhat, but when I came to a stop it would show me spinning around on the map. Putting it on the roof works beautifully.

Regarding the 3M upgrade... I wasn't too impressed with the results I saw in that thread. It seems the touch screen layer still causes a lot of glare. That's the key difference, is that the transflective has a touch screen with much less reflectivity. I think it is an interesting prospect for those of us who already have non-transflective screens and want to achieve some minor improvement, but not when starting from scratch. Note that my Hummer H3 also has a vertical windshield that is far forward and "gun slit" windows all around, most of them tinted. I also thought this would mitigate my need for glare reduction, but it was a big mistake. Somehow the light finds its way in and bounces around my light beige interior. Perhaps if you have a dark interior that might help a lot. I was hesitant to spend the extra money because I had no idea how this project was going to turn out... if it was even going to be usable or would an aftermarket system be much better. It turned out better than I could've imagined and I love it, but the only problem is that it is barely visible during the day.