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Thread: 2.5" Hard Drives

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    2.5" Hard Drives

    I bought a Rosewill 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter.. and a 40gb Western Digital 2.5" hard drive.. hooked it up any everything fine. When I boot the PC up, BIOS sees the hard drive. Windows setup loads all the drivers then after it says "Setup is starting windows" I get a blue screen with a 0x0000007b error, incompatible boot device. Has anyone else had this happen to them? The computer works with a regular hard drive, so I'm not sure what is wrong here. Thanks.

    Edit: Sorry, I meant post this in the General Hardware forum.. if someone could move it that'd be great.

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    Have you tried this drive on another computer? Did you format it and everything prior to installing windows? You might have to specify it as active or bootable or something. I dunno. Those adapters work pretty well. I've had some trouble with mine wiggling loose though.

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