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Thread: New Car Ideas

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    New Car Ideas

    Hello to all, I am about to buy a new car and want to get some input before I buy. I would like to install a carputer with minimal effort in my new car. I would like the car to be a 4 door and a little bigger (for tall people . I would like it to be nice enough that it has a location for a stock nav system. I am looking at a M35, I really like a used CLS500 (more than i want to spend @ 55k and i wouldn't install a carputer in it). I am open to less expensive cars as well, just need to be big enough for a tall person, easy to install (minimal/no fabrication), and not a 2 door.

    Thanks for the input..


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    The effort is going to be about the same, no matter what car you purchase.

    Get a car you like.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    The 03-07 accords are car pc friendly.. also the new chevy trucks like the Tahoe's are also.

    Anything with a large double DIN opening is good to start with.
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    The 7th gen honda civics are perfect fits for 7" widescreens.

    If you are going new car, then look in the mp3car store under the "vehicle specific section". Something like the G35, or some BMW, or the Scooby WRX.

    Also keep in mind if you want minimal effort to the max, the G4 install is about the most brainless install you can do. It is truly plug 'n chug and any car with a double din adapter it should work with.
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    I recommend a dark interior to minimize screen glare. I seem to get a lot of light bouncing off my light beige seats and contributing to a lot of glare.

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