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Thread: indash mp3 deck...

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    indash mp3 deck...

    ok, so after not having my carputer in my car for ~6 months i have decided to just break down and buy an MP3 capable deck... i really wish that i had the time to rebuild the carputer but my current work schedule does not allow for it

    does anyone have any experience w. the indash mp3 players? i really want a deck that displays ID info, has some folder browsing functionality & does not put gaps between MP3s.

    i would prefer a unit that does not have a built in amplifier because all my speakers are running off an external amp...

    any suggestions would be great!


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    For my setup, I use a Kenwood KDC-x659. I got it for under $300. It is fast loading with mp3s, lots of features and auxillary inputs. You can display id3 tag info or the straight filename.

    The ONE thing that I wish I could change is to be able to name the auxillary input. A number of Kenwoods, even older models, allowed this. Rather, I choose from a list. But it does still give me nice graphic displays while playing the carputer.

    I use my carputer for 99% of my music. Mp3 disks are for backup or a "favorites" list. So everything works together well.


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