I know it is a tall order, but I am going to be switching cases from my custom built case, as 2.5" drives are just too expensive for their limited use.

Basically in Colorado the roads are pothole minefields, and it would seem that small 2.5 drives fail fast. I have killed my brandnew 2.5" Toshiba drive within 6-7 months. My speculation is that with a 3.5" drive (older one so there is more space than for instance a 500Gb or vertical platter drive in the same space) the heads have more space to move than the small 2.5. So a 2.5 will take more vibration of lesser magnitude while a 3.5" drive will take less vibration at greater magnitudes. So I am reformatting my PC now, but now I will have a big blank spot in my custom case, so I just want something easy to stuff it in. If the VoomPC2 case can be adapted to put a 3.5" in, then I would definately take it as I like its look.

Basically I am looking for suggestions for cases that will take:
- an ITX mobo(mini not nano, but both would be no harm I suppose and I am using a Commell board with a P4M so it is larger height wise than a via as it has a half size heatsink)
- 3.5" HD (Just 1 of them)
- M2-ATX or another DC-DC PSU, but I would prefer to not have to buy a new one
- No need for an optical drive
- Cannot require low-profile RAM

Any suggestions.