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Thread: 91 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL...your gonna do what?!

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    91 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL...your gonna do what?!

    alright boys and girls, first i'll tell you a little about myself, being new here and all. I'm 24, live in texas and love project cars. I currently drive a 90 honda crx (yeah i've heard it all before, but before you start dissing it i've taken a super charged 06 'Stang on the back roads of johnson county... (I'm not gonna tell ya it's cause he blew his engine *lol*)). okay so let's get to it. I just bought a 91 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL for $300...great running car and everything works. my problem lies in wanting to customize this car alittle before i try to trade it off or sell it for a profit. I'm not big on Lincolns and this is my first one, so i have no ideal where to begain. i plan on putting a system in it so i don't wanna hear "why not put a system in it?". my problem comes from what else can i do to it? a friend told me to slam it and put bags on it, but i'm not a huge fan of bags (though i'm just gonna resale it anyways). so what i'm asking is if there is anyone out there that can think of what to do with this car besides turning it into a ghetto lowrider?

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    This forum is about putting pc's in cars...................

    You're probably better off finding a lincoln forum somewhere.

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